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Small Groups

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Church is not a building we drive to or a service we attend. Church is designed to be relational. The best place to get connected is in a small group. Small groups are an opportunity to meet people, build friendships, study the Bible together, ask questions, encourage each other and help each other grow.

Small Groups meet every other week.

For more information or to register email

Sunday mornings at Red Tree Church

Led by Bob Chambers designed for Older Adults, but open to all

Sunday nights at Matt & Stacey Shelton's home

Led by Rick Tucker designed for Young Families, but open to all

Monday nights at Ben & Katelynn Griffey's home

Led by Ben & Katelynn designed for Young Adults

Wednesday nights at Kenton & Monica Marsh's home

Led by Roger Obrecht & Curtis Kelley

Friday mornings at Red Tree Church

Led by Rachel Kelley & Candy Tucker designed for ladies

Monday nights at location TBA

Led by Mike McGuire and Michael Salas designed for men

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