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Giving Back

At Red Tree Church we are a community of people that love Jesus first and foremost but also love our community. As our motto says we are; for God. for our Community. for the World. for You. We believe that through the generosity of people that the message of the Gospel can be spread through our community and to the world. 

At Redtree, we spread the Gospel in different types of ways. This could be through our Sunday Morning services, our partnership with LINC in our community, our free sports camp in the Wentzville area, or our family sponsorship with Boone Trail Elementary. But we believe that Jesus meets people where they are, and because of your giving, we intend to do the same thing. 

Thank you so much for your giving and we look forward to connecting with you further!

Ways You Can Donate:


You can give on Sunday  mornings when we meet together for our Sunday Morning services. 


You can give now by clicking the link below and giving online. 


You can text to give. Maybe one of the easiest things to do. Please text 84321 with the amount you want to give. 

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