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Get Connected

Church is not a building we drive to or a service we attend. Church is designed to be relational. Church is God's Family and God's Body striving to fulfill God's mission. The best places to get connected is in a Small Group and SERVE teams.

Though this is not a complete list of ways to stay connected, this is a good start. If you do not see something that interests you, please reach out to We would love to hear from  you, and learn how we can better serve you. 

Treehouse Kids

The Treehouse is a fun environment where kids will discover God's love and His story.  The Treehouse 

has two environments for specific age groups.

The Treehouse is available every Sunday at 10:00am.  If you have any questions, please contact Krissie @

Red Tree Students

At Red Tree we want to design environments and experiences specifically for every stage of life.  The Middle School, High School and College years are incredible years of fun, friendships and growth in your relationship with God.

Every Wednesday night the Red Tree students gather together to laugh, eat, hang out and talk about life and our relationship with God. 


6-7:30 pm @ Red Tree Church

ROOTED: Young Adults

At the heart of Rooted Young Adults is the thing that we are rooted to, and that is Jesus. We believe in being authentic and true. But really we are just like you. We are a group of Young Adults form ages 18-29 trying to learn how to love deeper, live with a purpose, and to follow Jesus

Join us Monday evenings at the home of Ben and Katelynn Griffey.

Men's Ministry

RedTree Church Men’s ministry exists to help men know Jesus and to walk more closely with Him.


We seek to help men in the church and community to connect in order to provide support, encouragement and accountability for one another. 


The role of men, as described in the Bible, is to be leaders in their families, their workplace, their communities. With this role there are many unique battles and temptations that men face. 


We want to help equip men to face these battles and to fight with and for one another. We want to walk alongside men to help them become the men God wants them to be. 


Men's Small Group meets every other Tuesday night at 6:30 pm

Women's Ministry

Red Tree ladies are intentional about strengthening our relationship with our Father and building relationships with each other. We do this through a variety of fellowship activities such as retreats, tea parties, Bible studies, service opportunities, walks in the park, etc. We desire to support and strengthen each other through encouragement, prayer, friendship and lots of laughter.

Our women's ministry meets every other Tuesday night at 6:30 PM throughout the school year at Red Tree Church.

4900 Hwy D

New Melle, MO 63365

Please contact Rachel Evans for more info @

Serve Teams

You have a place and a role in God's Story.  As followers of Jesus we are to follow Jesus example of serving others.  Serving is an important part of growing to be living like Jesus and being a part of God's Body - the Church.  Red Tree SERVE teams serve once every four Sundays to lead on our welcome teams, set up teams and kids ministry teams.  

In addition to being a part of SERVE teams there are opportunities to serve as a part of the Red Tree worship and tech teams or in the community by clicking on the link Make a Difference.  For more information or to sign up for a SERVE team email

Small Groups

Church is not a building we drive to or a service we attend. Church is designed to be relational. The best place to get connected is in a small group. Small groups are an opportunity to meet people, build friendships, study the Bible together, ask questions, encourage each other and help each other grow.


Small Groups meet every other week.

(For more information or to register email

Sunday mornings at Red Tree Church

Led by Bob Chambers designed for Older Adults, but open to all


Sunday nights at Matt & Stacey Shelton's home

Led by Rick Tucker designed for Young Families, but open to all


Monday nights at Ben & Katelynn Griffey's home

Led by Ben & Katelynn designed for Young Adults

Tuesday night Men's Group at Red Tree Church

led by Michael Salas and Mike McGuire

Tuesday Night Ladies Group at Red Tree Church

led by Chris McGuire and Rachel Kelley

Food Pantry Serve Groups at LINC

meets 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays from 4-6 pm

Wednesday Night Youth Groups at Red Tree Church

meet every Wednesday from 6-7:30 pm

Men's Ministry
Red Tree Student Ministry
Women's Ministry
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